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‘The Lady Vanishes’ podcast takes hiatus due to new leads

The popularity of True Crime podcasts has skyrocketed in Australia over the past few years, but The Lady Vanishes is a unique case.

The podcast is the creation of 7NEWS, but it is now on a forced hiatus because of the outpouring of new leads thanks to listeners.


The Lady Vanishes: Marion Barter's daughter takes her fight for information to court

The daughter of missing Gold Coast teacher Marion Barter has gone to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal, in an attempt to obtain vital information about her mother's disappearance.

Sally Leydon is fighting to gain access to police files on the investigation, to find out why Barter was removed from the missing person's register despite never being credibly sighted.




Best new podcasts - The Lady Vanishes

In the 1938 movie The Lady Vanishes, a British train passenger searches up and down for an elderly lady whom she met on the voyage. No one else on the train claims to have seen the woman, and everyone urges her to give up the hunt.

In the podcast, which has the same name but nothing to do with the Alfred Hitchcock film, Sally Leydon is also told to stop looking. 



Possible breakthrough in case of missing Gold Coast teacher

There may have been a breakthrough in the disappearance of Gold Coast teacher Marion Barter.

The 51-year-old went missing after she left for a trip to the United Kingdom in 1997.

7NEWS’ new investigative podcast series The Lady Vanishes aims to help uncover what happened to her.