The Lady Vanishes Podcast

Where is Marion Barter?

*To the tipster who sent us a message in German recently - can you please email Bryan at or ? I wll keep your identity in strict confidence. Thank you.

* An den Tippgeber, der uns kürzlich eine Nachricht in deutscher Sprache gesendet hat - können Sie Bryan eine E-Mail an oder senden? Ich werde Ihre Identität streng vertraulich behandeln. Vielen Dank.


The Lady Vanishes

Marion Barter, an Australian mother and teacher, vanished in 1997. She was 51 years old.

The ex-wife of Australian Soccer captain Johnny Warren, Marion suddenly quit her job, sold her house and went to England for a year-long holiday. Then she simply vanished. For 22 years her daughter Sally has been searching for her. This is Australia’s most-baffling missing persons case.

The investigation and Sally’s search is the subject of the global hit podcast The Lady Vanishes. Millions of listeners around the world are helping us to solve this unique mystery.

Using this link, you can anonymously contact the journalists - Bryan Seymour and Alison Sandy - and Sally to help find her mother. All tips can be anonymous and in confidence.

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