What Happened to Marion? 


Mother of two Marion Barter, the former wife of Socceroo great Johnny Warren, disappeared while on holiday.

In 1997, Marion left for Europe on the trip of a lifetime. She was in regular contact with her daughter Sally until one day, she inexplicably vanished.

For more than 20 years, Sally and police have been investigating what happened, uncovering some astonishing information, including Marion’s name change, the use of her passport to travel back to Australia, how her bank account was emptied at a seaside town, not to mention the rumours at the school where she taught and the stranger she met before she left.

The team investigating the case has ruled out many possibilities and uncovered new information and leads which, we hope, will finally provide the answers Sally has for so long searched.

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Marion Barter

  • Won the Teacher of Excellence Award

  • Planned a trip on the Orient Express

  • Discovered a dark secret at her school

  • Was seen with a mystery man

  • Money and possessions gone

SAlly LEydon

  • Marion’s daughter, one of two children

  • Sally’s three children have never met their grandmother.

  • Searching for 22 years for answers.

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